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The Secret to Happiness: 5 Tips to Feel More Grateful and Blissful



More than anything else in the world, happiness is what truly fuels us to go on. When we are sad, we always wonder what it takes for us to be happy – for we know that when we feel joy, we are inspired to get going.

If you are feeling a bit low now and trying to find meaning from it all, it’s great to find the secret to happiness.

So here are the 5 tips to feel more grateful and blissful:


Focus on the simple things that make you smile

Life does not dwell on sizes. It is the small gifts that keep us every day where we can truly find pure happiness. The happiest people do not spend their life yearning and competing for the biggest breaks and shiny material things.

They live in the present moment and value the daily things that make life beautiful each day – the sunrise and sunset, family, friends, strangers, the view of things from the window, the little unfolding of beauty in front of them.

Here’s a new activity that can help you develop a habit of focusing on the simple things that make you smile:

As you wake up each day, find some time to relax and be at peace. Let your thoughts be cleared, and take deep breaths. As you inhale and exhale, remember how beautiful mornings are, how magnificent the trees look like, and how wonderful is the smell of home cooked meals.

Remember how warm you feel inside when simple yet affectionate things happen between you and a family member/a friend. Keep these fresh emotions of gratitude and blessing inside you. Hold on to it as you clear your thoughts, as you breathe in and breathe out. As the days pass by, you will be able to make it a habit.

Make saying “thank you” a good habit

Oftentimes, we forget about the power of saying thank you. When we are thanking someone, there is a different kind of joy from the inside. Even the little acts of kindness and favor deserve an expression of gratitude. When receiving thank you, it naturally feels good from the inside.

There is a human connection that is awaken. An opening that gives you meaning. Life may get busy but saying thanks to others is such a beautiful pause. It is like saying, “I see you, I appreciate who you are now”.

Appreciation is the simplest yet most empowering virtue we can share and offer to others. We may undermine it sometimes but if we look at it deeper, appreciation gives us happiness. Whether we are from the giving or receiving end, it has this positive effect on us.

To create a daily habit of appreciation and gratefulness, you can start each day or you can find time in one day by doing this:

Grab a piece of paper, and write down the things, circumstances, and people you are thankful for. As you write down each item, you are also recalling one by one with enthusiasm, nostalgia, beauty, and awe. You also internalize bit by bit the existence of goodness and oneness.

Share your time and energy with like-minded people

Relationships defines and defy your life. When you are surrounded with like-minded people, you tend to move nearer to your passions, visions, and interests.

When you are with people who share the same heart, you will see the brighter side of life. And from here, you’d develop a much optimistic insight. When you meet people who are grateful and blissful, it is contagious.

You get to do fun things together. You also share the same view of doing valuable and meaningful activities with each other. Having good relationships give you that special kind of joy, of bliss.

When you find the right people, make sure that you keep your communication open. It will guide you to the right path of nurturing and enriching bonds. Remember the power of letters, messages, hugs, and just simply being expressive of how you think and feel about people who help you become a better person.

Keep the harmony in your body, mind, and spirit

It may be beyond common knowledge that bad food makes us sad. When you research more about it, you’d be both amazed and fascinated how good clean food can keep you healthy and happy.

When you eat well and exercise well, your body accepts the care and keeps you balanced. When you are healthy in and out, you also feel the vitality, the wellness. Then, you feel happy and confident of how you feel and how you look.

As you feed your body with healthy food, it also brings goodness to your mind. Being addicted to unhealthy food and unhealthy habits affect your moods and your thoughts.

Make healthy and harmonious feeding of your body, mind, and spirit a part of your daily life. Wake up each day with the aim of nourishing your mind, body, and spirit. As you do so, you will experience a great difference, the happier and healthier you become.

Find peace from within no matter what

Sometimes, there can be too much noise, stress, and pressure around you. It may be numbing and deafening.

Always have this in mind, you are sailing in your own beautiful boat in this vast ocean. If the noise is too much to bear, quiet your mind, find your little space under the skies and think of the many reasons why you should be happy.

Know that your mind is so powerful and it can hold any wonderful thought you can feed it. Know too that when you meditate and be mindful, you are traveling inward to unfold peace, harmony, and light.

Happiness and bliss are both inside you. When things seem to get murky, you don’t have to run away. You just have to find both inside you.

So now the secret to happiness is not that of a secret for you anymore. Let these five ways guide you on your road to a life of  gratitude and bliss.

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