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The Life Changing Growth Of An Idea (Part 2)



When I think of ideas, I think of Thomas Alva Edison.

Edison, the greatest inventor the world has ever known, had only three months of formal education and was considered by his teacher to be retarded. By the time he died, though, he had filed over a thousand patents and was an extremely wealthy man.

Edison perfected and patented everything from the first phonograph player in 1877 to the first practical light bulb in 1879. He set up the first electricity-distribution company, contributed to the development of the movie camera and the projector, and made improvements to the telephone, telegraph, and typewriter.

Edison had six rules for invention. These rules, even if you are not an inventor, will help you greatly in the development of your own ideas.

1. Set a goal and stick to it.

2. Figure out the steps you have to go through to complete the invention and follow them.

3. Keep good records of your progress.

4. Share your results with fellow workers.

5. Be sure that everyone working on the project has a clear definition of their responsibilities.

6. Record all your results for later analysis.

It’s all to do with the life-changing growth of an idea.

So here are the final three phases of the growth of an idea: childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.


Just because an idea is birthed, a period of maturing is required before it can stand on its own. Let passion have its way at this point. Experiment with it. You may, at this stage, only have the skeleton of an idea and only possess a limited supply of resources necessary for its success, but this is a great time to put some action to it anyway.

Children act first and invariably think later. It is during this period of growth that you can start to fail your way to success. Your idea, like the child, will need to learn how to talk, to walk, to gain competency in fine and gross motor skills. And if your first attempts fail, don’t abort the idea.

Learn from your mistakes. Improve on them and then try again. You are being schooled in the art of bringing an idea to full maturity. This school is often termed as ‘the school of hard knocks’.

Growth will occur at variable speeds. Sometimes no visible, measurable growth will be evident, and then suddenly, you will experience a growth spurt that will make the waiting period worth every minute. It is in waiting times that character is strengthened. It is relatively easy to get an idea, but it takes character to hold onto it through to its fulfillment.




This is the consolidating phase where your idea starts to really take shape. As pubescence locks in, your idea will start to change shape. Don’t fight it. Let it happen. Your idea is maturing. You have greater insight at this point. Your study, and the further development of skills that have been a vital part of the childhood phase, are now starting to pay off through repetition and practice.

Your passion has intensified because you can now see clearly the magnitude of your original idea. It may seem a long journey, but in retrospect, you can now identify every fork in the road and every detour. Every stoppage has been an essential ingredient in the maturing process of your idea. The journey has been the success. It has not been the road to success but, in fact, the road to success. Every victory and every defeat has been a building block used to build a solid and lively idea. The trek has formed within you a strength that will make you fit and worthy of adulthood.

Too many people want to find the shortcuts to wealth, fame, and fortune, but unfortunately, those who have tried to defy the path of nature soon find themselves and their ideas as skeletons, cast aside and discarded by life itself. The formulation and success of any worthwhile idea takes time to mature and needs to be fed, watered, and exercised if it is to be a significant and winning contribution to your life.




Maturity at last. Your idea has come of age, not only in your mind but has, in fact, materialized. You have run the race. You have fought the good fight. You have fulfilled the dream that was once conceived and persisted with the idea throughout the four previous stages.

This is not the time to relax. This is the time for further reproduction. Other ideas will now be birthed from this original one. It is mature enough to give birth to other offspring. One fulfilled idea will be the springboard for future victories. This is where the power of duplication will kick in. This is the time to be even more alert. This is not the time to put down your guard, for idea and dream stealers are out and about, stalking to steal from you. And they definitely don’t like to see winners achieving. So how do you guard against being robbed? Produce more offspring. Populate. Multiply and expand.

Be a believer in the richness of ideas. The one thing that can separate you from success and failure is an idea. Keep your mind fertile through continued study and the meditation on positive material. Be open to new thoughts. Those who live and think this way will embrace change and use it as their own turbocharger to success. No matter how old you get physically, it will keep you young at heart and young of mind.

Motivational Memo: Believe in the richness of ideas, and you will live an ideal life.

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