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Motivational Quotes



1. ‘Best friends are those who bring out the best that’s in me.’

2. ‘Always praise someone in public. But if you have to correct, then do it in private.’

3. ‘If I have to deal with a negative, I will balance it with a double dose of positive.’

4. ‘Time used unwisely and spent without thought will make you a pauper and leave you with naught. But time that’s well spent, will stitch upon stitch weave memories and dreams that will make your life rich.’

5. ‘My best friends are found when I show myself friendly.’

6. ‘To quit doing that which is good, in order to pursue that which is best, is not quitting at all.’

7. ‘It is far better to be prepared than it is to be repaired.’

8. ‘I will feed on the ‘good stuff’ now, because by doing so I will be more than ready to deal with the ‘bad stuff’ when it happens.’

9. ‘People with purpose are powerhouses with possibility.’

10. ‘If I don’t use it, then I’ll lose it.’

11. ‘When the desire is big enough, you will always find a way.’

12. ‘Happy people use what they have, and start where they are, in the pursuit of their dream.’

13. ‘Winners refuse to major on minors.’

14. ‘One of the greatest gifts I can ever give is…myself!’

15. ‘If I don’t correctly plan where I’m going in life, I may end up where I don’t want to be.’

16. ‘Evaluate, evaluate, evaluate and become great, great, great.’

17. ‘Fear is terrified by action.’

18. ‘It is in the ring where one is bloodied and bruised. But it is also in that same ring where the victor is applauded. I will press on!’

19. ‘I will embrace my liberty to commit to my own dreams. And because of this I will know true freedom.’

20. ‘If I’m going to achieve anything in life, I’m going to have to get passionate about something.’

21. ‘Learn from the past, concentrate on today and tomorrow will take care of itself.’

22. ‘When my life is filled with purpose and passion, life is a joy!’

23. ‘Lost your focus? Take time out and return to your original dream.’

24. ‘We can sink, we can swim or we can really skip through life. I choose to skip.’

25. ‘Far better to open mind first before opening mouth to find foot firmly stuck in it.’

26. ‘True freedom lies between your ears, so think good thoughts!’

27. ‘I like me who was, I like me who is and I am ecstatic about what me is to become!’

28. ‘It is your responsibility to create YOUR own ‘heaven on earth.’

29. ‘The best way to rid yourself of a bad habit is by replacing it with a good habit.’

30. ‘If you don’t like what you’re doing, either change your attitude or change what you’re doing. Maybe you need to change both.’

31. ‘Let’s enjoy life and squeeze as much out of every hour that we can possibly extract.’

32. ‘As I flood my mind with good things, my life will become a flood that will flow over and into the lives of others in a positive and uplifting way. I will make a difference.’

33. ‘A life with a goal is a life that is whole.’

34. ‘As steam is to a steam engine, so too is a dream to your life.’

35. ‘Without a dream a life is not lived. It is in fact extinct!’

36. ‘The dream will put the motor-vation in your MOTOR.’

37. ‘People with purpose are propelled towards their dream’s fulfillment.’

38. ‘Here’s the fax, live life to the max!’

39. ‘To finish, one must start.’

40. ‘Attach a big dream to a small beginning and it won’t be small for too long.’

41. ‘Thinking needs to be translated into some form of action if you plan to move closer to your goal.’

42. ‘Don’t despise the day of small beginnings.’

43. ‘Small + small + small + small + small + small……….= BIG’

44. ‘Here’s something EXTRA to think about……….. Small x small x small x small x small x small……….= HUGE ‘

45. ‘There is one thing that is truly predictable about life – it’s unpredictability.’

46. ‘Talk is cheap. Actions are what really count.’

47. ‘The word ‘quit’ will never be found within the language of a finisher.’

48. ‘It is far better to become a master of one thing than to be mediocre at everything.’

49. ‘By building and maintaining a good character, there will be plenty of glue available to form strong foundations for a great future.’

50. ‘If you do what you love, you will love what you do.’

51. ‘Streeeeeeeetching is a vital part of goal achievement.’

52. ‘We must all learn to be thankful for what we have, but at the same time be willing to stretch for the things that we wish to have or achieve.’

53. ‘Comfort zones can only be destroyed by taking action.’

54. ‘Strategy for getting out of your comfort zone? Get uncomfortable.’

55. ‘Stop pandering to the loud minority and get on with serving the silent majority.’

56. ‘Life’s a stage and you only get one performance. Make it a good one.’

57. ‘Make it your goal to find a goal.’

58. ‘With your strength clearly identified, your success will then come through concentrated effort.’

59. ‘Even if you have to zigzag your way to success, at the end of the journey it’s still success.’

60. ‘The Two Legs of Success: one is the goal and the other is the WORK. Use both legs to carry you all the way to success.’

61. ‘It’s not what you get out of life that makes the difference; it’s what you give.’

62. ‘The more you give, the more you’ll get.’

63. ‘You become an original by learning from an original.’

64. ‘Exponential growth arises out of successful delegation.’

65. ‘Actions speak louder than words.’

66. ‘If you don’t intend to act, then keep quiet.’

67. ‘Do to others, as you would have them do to you.’

68. ‘It’s not what you do in life that counts; it’s how you do it.’

69. ‘This is what it is all about: be willing to get a little dirt on your hands.’

70. ‘Any dirt coming your way? Stick it under your feet and you’ll stand taller and see further than you’ve ever seen before.’

71. ‘If you can’t beat ‘em, then just decide to win anyway.’

72. ‘Happiness comes as soon as you decide to be happy.’

73. ‘It takes less energy to make someone happy than it takes to make someone mad.’

74. ‘Brighten someone else’s day and you’ll soon discover that you’ve brightened your own.’

75. ‘Your dreams must be bigger than your doldrums.’

76. ‘Discipline is not just about getting things done. It’s about learning to live a life full of integrity.’

77. ‘Discipline is about keeping promises that you’ve made to yourself.’

78. ‘Behind every good man or woman is a great home.’

79. ‘The word ‘tidy’ is really about the development of good winning habits.’

80. ‘Cleanliness? Wealthiness? The next step has to be Godliness.’

81. ‘When you’ve just about reached your goal, that’s when the extra ‘try’ will carry you to ‘triumph’.’

82. ‘In order to triumph, your desire must be greater than the mire.’

83. ‘Your mountains will never increase in height, but you and I can increase in stature.’

84. ‘Mountains were created for one thing: to be conquered.’

85. ‘Your belief will make all the difference to the results you achieve in your life.’

86. ‘Nobody achieves ‘nothing’ without knowing the power of ‘no’! Say ‘no’ to anything less than the best for your life.’

87. ‘Sitting on the fence can only ever get you one thing. Splinters!’

88. ‘The greatest decision you can ever make is to make a decision.’

89. ‘Laughter is the wealth within that will bring you good health!’

90. ‘Originality is usually built on another’s hard work.’

91. ‘The great tools to capture an idea: a pencil and a pad.’

92. ‘Deep thought is the foundation for high achievement.’

93. ‘Magnificent minds are captured through the practice of concentrated thought.’

94. ‘Mankind should be just that…. kind!’

95. ‘Winners keep hitting until they hit more than they miss. Keep stepping up to the plate and get ready for your home run.’

96. ‘If you want to be a leader, then be a daily reader.’

97. ‘Make it your practice to be a giver!’

98. ‘I cannot be beaten and I will not quit!’

99. ‘When your habit is to pay a good turn; be prepared for a great return.’

100. ‘When I’m improving, I’m winning!’

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