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Can Success Be Created In Your Mind?



Have you ever wished and hoped for something badly? Has it ever materialized?

Odds are you have wished for something at least once in life, and eventually got it. What was the reason? Was it luck? Was it chance? Or was it because of you?

My argument is it’s because of you, and its always because of you. What you are able to achieve in this life is largely due to something you did either consciously or subconsciously to end up obtaining your goal.

I personally can recall the time I decided I was going to make an incentive trip that a previous company I worked for was offering.

Now at the time of the trip being announced I was coming off of a disappointing quarter in sales. I ended the previous quarter 85% of the plan, which in short means I only sold 85% of the goal the company set for me to sell in my territory.

While this is not a horrible performance in the world of sales, its still not good. Furthermore, my current quarter was shaping up to be about the same.

In a matter of 4 days I lost two high revenue accounts. One was threatening to leave, and I had only one new lead that had the potential to make up only 10% of my lost revenue streams.

I must admit for about 36 hours I was defeated. I gave up on myself, and decided this was not only going to be a bad quarter, but I may very well lose my job and most certainly would not be attending the 3 day incentive trip with my employer.

Furthermore, I had all the excuses to help myself cope with disappointment, “It’s the bad economy”, “Our prices are too high”, “My territory is bad”, “It’s the tech guys fault we lost the account”,  but nope it was all my fault whether I would admit it or not.

Decision Time

I had a decision to make. Would I feel sorry for myself and quit or would I press forward and go on the trip. Without realizing what I was doing I started daydreaming and visualizing the trip.

The free food, the free drinks, the relaxation, the sand, and the beach I saw it all. I thought about it so much that I had dreams about the trip at night.

I started to even smell the ocean and plan out what I would do first when I arrived to the destination. It was at this point that my desire for the trip was far greater than my previous disappointments and my current lack of potential leads.

All of a sudden I was more upbeat and my conversations with potential clients flowed easier, leads seemed to flow in like water and closing the sale became a snap.

Suddenly I had 20 days left in the quarter, and I had already met my quota. Not only was I going on the trip, but I had a chance to get sales representative of the quarter.

At the end I got awarded ‘Rep of The Quarter’, went on my trip, and understood truly what I had read about so many times before regarding the laws of attraction.

Today Is The Day

Today is the day you pick a goal, focus on your goal and think and plan it out so much that its because real to you.

The steps you have to take to reach it will be trivial formalities because nothing but the goal is a possible outcome to you.

Do not wait for life to present the perfect storm to reach your desired goals.

It’s up to you, and you only to focus on what is important to you and make it your reality TODAY!

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