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Be More Childlike – Life can be Beautiful if you let it



“Paradoxically, proof of our infinite potential is not to be found in very tall buildings, but simply in the child’s innocent ability to be vulnerable and open to the moment.” – Louis Weinstock-

So you’ve noticed that recently you become more impatient. It is as if every time you need to wait, you also need to feel anxious.

You’ve also felt more discontented like ever. Have you ever looked into the heart of a child?

When stuck in a situation like an untoward delay because the bus has some troubles, adults whine and get angry while children find means to be amused and to play.

When a new day arrives, a child is fascinated with the smallest of things and does not worry what happens next. The child lives in the moment. The child shows us that the current wow is happening now.

Here are the reasons why adults tend to forget the child in them:

  1. The need to take life too seriously

So because people expect you to think and behave like an adult. Then you take a level where you do not want to look, sound, or even like a child.

You tend to put so much pressure in yourself – you must do this, you are expected to do this, you need to do this.

When you think of life, you solely focus on the demands of the current times – a job, material things, pleasing people, etc.

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself – when was the last time I really did give time to the little things that matter most?

  1. The fear of the future

For years and years, we are all conditioned to compete, to be good at what we are doing now because it can affect our future and our success.

Most of the time, we try our best to go to our workplaces no matter how unhappy we are just because we need to have a future, we need to have money to be considered successful.

If you observe children, they enjoy what they are doing at the present moment. They can play all day long and worry about nothing.

We adults usually say, “Ah, I wish to be a child again and the anxiety shall go away.” Truth is, you can always keep the child in you.

  1. The strong desire to please others

You want to see to it that others accept you as someone good, interesting, cool.

Whatever your means is of being pleasing, you sometimes tend to wear this mask and set aside the beauty of who you are – the childlike purity.

Be more childlike- life can be beautiful if you let it.

When was the last time you recognize and appreciate the beauty of nature?

As you go outside, you look around and see how beautiful the trees, flowers, the sea, the mountains, the sound of rain. Nature can remind you any time the grandeur of the moment.

As each moment pass by, the leaves of the trees rustle softly with the wind, the sea moves in the language of waves, and the mountains change its hues by the floating and drifting away of clouds.

Every moment matters and you should never forget to relish on every bit of it.

When was that time when you enjoy little joys like eating a meal slowly and joyfully? You do know that we have all the instant food around us.

But, look at how a child enjoys any kind of food, look at how he/she does not car of the drips and stains and just savor the taste.

Remember how a child looks at the face of strangers in a busy corner and reflect on it. When was it when you watched people and appreciate the beauty of faces?

Now imagine yourself waiting for a bus. The sun is out, it radiates a beautiful kind of energy. The mid-day breeze sweeping the surroundings tenderly.

Other people doing various things while waiting – a woman reading a book, a young man browsing around for some pictures on his phone, couples closely sitting next to each other, kids playing or keeping themselves amused.

Do you still notice the beautiful day that it is?

Do you notice how the sun kisses your skin and how it reminds you of those summers you deeply adored when you were younger?

Do you notice how this moment can be a great chance to talk to someone new?

Do you notice how kids teach you a lesson of seizing the moment and making the best out of it?

Be more childlike- life can be beautiful if you let it.

Now imagine this, you are dreaming of having good friends around while having a good time on the seashore. You have some bonfire.

As you dream of this, you are walking around a busy street and there are a few scattered stars above. Have you ever thought of how beautiful this moment is?

People walking past each other while stars above blink in a certain kind of pattern.

Let the child in you enjoy whatever it is that you have – whether it’s the fading faces in a busy city or the glorious night sky from your window.

When you see the beauty in life, you also find the beauty in you.

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