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7 ways to form deep meaningful friendship



We human beings are social animals and we can’t live without the company of our kind. No one in this whole wide world can live without being in contact with someone else.

Friendship is a gift given to us by god so that we can really enjoy the beauties of this life. No excitement is complete without sharing it with someone you love. We face all kinds of times in our lives.

Happy times, sad times, frustrated times. These little parts, little durations of feelings come and go and they form a complete human life and friends are the only people with whom we can share them all and live this life to its fullest extent. Without them no feelings will have an audience and without audience no play is successful.

But there are some people who find themselves alone at some point in their lives. Alone, lonely and lifeless.

At that moment what you need is to find someone who can help you to just ignore all your pains and get up to live this life. Someone who by their silly habits makes us understand that life is after all not that bad.

Someone who can make fun of our hair style and laugh at us bringing smile to our faces in the process. This article outlines the very simple seven ways in which we can find meaningful friends.

The first and foremost step that you have to take to start making friends with people around you is to just open up. Talk to people and don’t be afraid of what they will think when they come to know you. A conversation is the only thing that brings people together.

When the walls of secrets are down only then you will come to know the real self of people and the people around you will come to know the real you, only then a real, meaningful bond of friendship can be created.

Forget the concept that you are not good enough, gain some self confidence

If you think that you are not good enough to be friends with someone you are absolutely wrong. Until and unless you have a real conversation with someone you never know what he or she really is from the inside.

People can be completely different from what they seem to be. Never go with external appearances.

Do not ever think that people around you are not good enough

If you really sit down and stop talking to people because you think that the people around you are not just good enough for you, you are definitely at a loss and soon you will find yourself to be friendless and lonely. Stop doing this and give people a chance.

May be they are not as intelligent as you are or may be they are not good looking but it’s not just the looks and intelligence that makes a good friend, you just need a good human being on the other side.

Give him or her some time till they finally understand you and then you will find yourself in strongest of friendships ever.

Get out and go find them

It is not hard work that will lead you to find friends but sometimes you just need to get out of the boundaries of the four walls of your home.

If you do not meet with people how will you find new friends? Go out, go to a park, take a walk from time to time and never ever stop yourself from talking to someone if you think that you should.

Join communities

The place where you live must have a lot of communities and clubs. Be it sports club, drama club, movie club or just a simple get together club, go join them.

That will bring you in contact with a lot of people and some of them can definitely be your friends.The best way to come in contact with people of your kind is to take active participation in sports.

If you play any games, go out and play them. You will definitely meet a lot of people. If you do not play any game just get out, take some time, join a community and learn. After all it is not impossible to learn any game, games are made for human beings and you are no less.

All the talent you need is within you. You have to just get out and explore your boundaries.

Go to a holiday

Life can become boring sometimes. Work and daily chores can take away the sweetness from your life. What you need is a break, break from your daily routine.

Take a holiday and go to some place far away if possible. The transformation in the ambience will cheer you up and you will find yourself in a jolly mood again.

No one can meet people and get into a strong friendship in a smug mood you have got to be jolly and holidays provide the perfect opportunity.

You have a great mood and you meet with a lot of people, a perfect scenario to find everlasting friends.Thus from all the above points you might have noted that friendship can come to you in all sorts of ways.

From bus stops to far away land you can meet with people and form a bond that is stronger than any other relationship. All you got to do is to open up and meet with people.It’s not god or the environment or your luck that is stopping you from making great friends it’s just you yourself that has been stopping you.

Take a deep breath and think for yourself that do you want to live this life alone?

Or will you like to live it with people all around you, people who love you and care for you?

Finally friendship is the sweetest dish that this life can offer you, don’t stop yourself from tasting it.

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