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7 How-To’s of Love Relationships



It is love relationships that give magic to the lives of two people together. A wonderful bond gives each individual a certain kind of empowerment and inspiration.

When in a happy relationship, someone is able to enjoy life and even pursue bigger dreams. There is this sense of security, confidence, and inspiration.

On the other hand, if there are some problems, or some imbalances in-between, you, being involved in a relationship can also have the toughest time. It is important to keep love relationships going smooth and strong.

There are no perfect relationships but if you are able to go through conflicts together while growing from them, each experience shall be helpful in nurturing what you share.

Here are 7 how tos that you can use as your guide to make the best of what you have right now.

How to maintain good communication

Communication is the key to a wonderful love relationship. And maintaining it can determine a lasting bond as well. It is not about sms-ing each other all the time only – it takes sincerity and openness.

What most of us fail to realize is this – we have to let our hearts go. This means that when we are feeling either good or bad about the relationship, we have to express it as soon as possible.

You might have thought all along that when you keep how you’re feeling, it is saving the relationship. Know by now, it doesn’t.

When bad feelings are suppressed, time hardens them and turn them into negative feelings like hatred, remorse, and regret.

When feeling good, say it out loud, express it to the other person and let him/her feel appreciated and loved.

When feeling bad about something, find time and say it tenderly. Nothing can be solved through yelling at each other.

Hold his/her hand, tell what you feel and find a way to compromise or to meet halfway that can make the situation better.

Remind each other that nobody is perfect but you both can surely just grow wiser with each other.

How to develop trust over the years

Trust is one of the most important foundations of love relationships. And it doesn’t develop overnight. To develop trust takes time.

Be trustworthy by staying honest and open to your partner. Never give him/her any reason to doubt you. When in doubt, show him/her that there’s nothing to worry or be anxious about.

One thing that you should never do is deliberately test the trust of your partner. Immaturity drives people to do this. Trust whom you love for it will guide your heart to see the light of goodness and appreciation.

In order to cultivate trust for each other, it is best to do things together, to share interests and to enjoy doing them.

In doing so, you are able to understand why your partner behaves, thinks, and acts the way he/she does. It is like opening another little door to ultimate oneness.

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How to go on romantic dates without having to spend too much

Going on romantic dates is a very beautiful part of any love relationship. This does not mean that you need to spend so much money – the most important part in every romantic date should be intimate, fun, and meaningful.

Be creative and don’t just rely on the easy conventional ways to do it. Go for a long walk on a sunset while talking about things that matter. Bike around together while reminding each other to smile at passersby.

Join marathons or tree planting activities or cook at home together. These are ways that make you closer in a deeper light.

How to keep the fire burning

Some love relationships tend to go colder as the years go by. And, this is when those who are involved say “we seem to drift apart”.

Being two different people does create some differences – this can never be ignored. So how to keep the fire burning? This is very important: take care of your self-development.

When you are making it a point to enjoy your life and pursuing your own passions, there will be lesser incidences of being insecure and being too needy.

From there, you will not bring fights but will be a source of excitement, thrill, and desire.

How to give each other enough space

“I need some space” is not for break-ups. It is an important foundation in keeping a love relationship healthy.

Though you want to be together all the time, it can really get draining when you push this clinginess all the time. You are a unique person who needs healthy solitude.

Give yourself time to ponder on your own life, enjoy your own interests and be with those who also inspire you to become better.

It is also alright to ask space and explain to him/her why it is necessary for the relationship. Allowing each other to grow even beyond the relationship is an amazing sign of maturity.

When you are happy with who you are because you keep a habit of enjoying some time for solitude, you will also radiate positive energy toward your partner.

How to forgive each other when needed

It is said that forgiveness is only the attribute of the strong. This simply shows how challenging it is to have it in your heart. When disheartened by a loved-one, it is more heartbreaking.

On the other hand, is it not that relationships last long and steadfast because of our willingness to accept and forgive?

When offended, be ready to forgive when your heart has some space for it.

Forgiveness can never be forced but be mindful of your ego, the worst decisions happen when you are angry or remorseful.

When you have offended your loved-one, be humble enough to accept your fault and ask for forgiveness. Saying a sincere sorry cleanses. It makes you feel human and vulnerable.

How to grow together, beautifully

Growing apart only happens when both of you don’t invest energy, patience, and willingness.

What is more beautiful than growing together, beautifully? It may not be that easy to achieve this, but it is also not the most difficult thing to do in the world.

Let yourself go and let it catch the other person at his/her most beautiful or the other way around.

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