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5 Virtues to Share With the World



For some people, it takes major events to make them think and ponder about what matters most in life. Dr. Carmen Harra shares about the death of her 20-year old cat, Bebe.

She further unravels that she has learned so much from this happening in her life. In her article for Huffington Post, she gives emphasis on the value of sharing our virtues to others.

She says that it is not enough to just take pride in our virtues and morals. The best way is to share with the world – to create that ripple effect to others.

With her wisdom, she wants to inspire others to share these 5 virtues to share with the world.

Isn’t it amazing that the passing of her dear cat has moved her so much?

It is only with an open heart when we truly feel the essence of virtues – it is only in that way we can definitely see it from the smallest sources.

1) Our presence

More than money, more than loudness, nothing beats the virtue of our presence. It is when we are “present” when we truly share a connection, care, affection, and assurance.

Dr. Harra remembers fondly how Bebe was always there especially when she got sick. The mere presence of her loyal friend kept her warm and secured.

Imagine how we can share this beautiful virtue to those we love and truly cared for.

Can you remember the time you really spent time with someone in quietness?

Even when everything is still, being present enables us to move someone or to be moved by someone. So in these busy world, do reach out when someone is in need.

You need not go far, to start with your own family and friends is already a gift.

Here are other ways to share the grace of presence to others:

Take a long walk with someone
Listen attentively
Give out warm hugs
Take someone’s hand
Put off gadgets when talking to someone

2) Undying patience

When was the last time you sincerely waited for someone or some appointment without feeling so bad?

We are all in a hurry, we are all growing more impatient each day. All these mobility, gadgets, and all these instant stuff around are just making our patience short.

As shared by Dr. Hara, her cat waits for her to come home each day. She believes that we need to be composed in those times when we are waiting for someone or something.

We must not let out temper go bad in case someone arrives late or something does not come on our most expected time. The virtue of patience is worth-sharing.

Remember that is OK to let someone go first in a long line, it alright to smile when someone you are supposed to meet runs late because of some reasons.

Here are little ways to exercise your patience:

Do not whine a lot when things go wrong in a busy restaurant or mall
Try not to raise your voice over someone who accidentally steps on your foot in a busy place
Smile even when waiting, find a little activity that can entertain you while you wait
Be mindful no matter where you are

3) Loving devotion

Has someone never given up on you no matter what? How does it make you feel? Loving devotion makes the world go round. Remember not to give up on people so easily.

Let your heart be vulnerable and forgiving to those you care for. Your loyalty will surely pay off one day when people realize that you are always there for them no matter what it counts and what it takes.

For Dr. Harra, Bebe has always been there for her. Her devotion transcends any form of spoken language humans share. Bebe’s loyalty has touched the Doctor’s heart beyond.

Can you hold on tighter for those you dearly love?

Can you forgive instead of revenging?

Can you stay despite the many reasons to leave?

You can never tell when someone draws hope from your loyalty. Imagine the world when people feel less alone and lonely.

You can simply share your devotion through:

Not giving up on a friend who has acted immaturely
Forgiving a loved-one who has offended you
Trying to understand someone who has a different opinion from yours
Trying to calmly explain to someone why your point of view is different from his/hers without having to make that someone feel so bad and pointless

4) Humble observation

It can be so easy to get involved in conflict these days. When tempers are limited and people are wary, it is easy to get caught right in there.

Bebe had this trait of just observing her other housemates fight. We can also share this great virtue to the world.

When others enjoy judgment and conflict, stay calm and just observe. This is a good way to humble yourself down and learn from others mistake.

Come to think of it, not all conflicts are necessary and beneficial. Never join a misunderstanding unless you are directly involved.

Never be trapped in some situation just because you are bored or not-in-a-good-mood.

5) Power of healing

You are a healer.

Perhaps, you may not have recognized it deeply but you indeed are capable of giving others relief and healing.

When someone is down, your presence makes that person feel better. When a loved-one is encouraged by your words and patience, they won’t give up on their own selves that easily.

Your healing is so powerful that even sometimes, it’s just you who believes in someone – and that someone fights on. Your faith does not only heal you but o those whom you affect, you touch, you move, and you inspire.

You are a healer and it is only you who can unravel that truth, that gift.

These 5 virtues that are really worthy of being shared to the world.

Your presence, patience, devotion, observation, and healing can truly make a difference.

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