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3 Reasons Why You Aren’t Happy



Happiness is something that is widely represented in today’s society. Ads, books, and other forms of media have quite a bit to say on the topic of happiness.

Happiness to the world equals beauty, fame, fortune, and material possessions. But what if you are searching for a deeper fulfillment? Truth is, happiness is more than just a pretty face and a nice car.

Happiness is being content with yourself and your life condition, wherever you may find yourself. There are many things that rob us of our happiness, and most of the time it starts with ourselves. Here are some reasons that might touch on why you aren’t happy.

1. You Are Looking At Your Past In The Wrong Way

The past is the past for a reason, yet we still continue to dwell on the would haves, could haves, and should haves. We reflect to often of what we believe is missed opportunity. We wish for places and people of the past so often that we fail to see the happiness in where we are currently.

Dwelling on those things for too long can make us incredibly unhappy and with our heads in moments that have already been lived. The thing about the past that we need to keep in mind, is that it often looks better than it actually was. Our minds tend to make people, places, and events more glamorized than they should ever be.

Another reason you may not be happy could be that you are continuously viewing the past through a totally opposite spectrum, in that your only remembering the bad. Thinking constantly on the wrongs that have been done to us, the mistakes we made, or even just embarrassing moments can bring us down.

See your past victories and mistakes as stepping stones that got you to where you need to be. Think of life as a journey, not a destination that you may have passed already. We need to focus on the present, which is where we are meant to be. Smash your rear view mirror and don’t dwell on anything that ruins your happiness in the now.

Keep your mind in the present. Studies show that a great way to keep your mind in the present is meditation. Make meditation a part of your life whenever you are struggling to keep yourself in the now.

2. You Aren’t Counting Your Blessings

If you have food, shelter, basic clothing, a job, and family of some sort..Guess what? You are luckier than about 80% of the world. Yet, so often we forget to count those basic things as blessings rather than givens. Our society is one that is marred by the epidemic of always needing more. More clothes, books, cars.

A bigger house, better mate, the list goes on and on. Culture screams at us through the media that we aren’t enough. But the thing about listening to culture is.. We will never win this war. We need to adopt an attitude of gratitude and look at our blessings that we do have.

There are some ways that we can jump start this attitude shift. Volunteering for those less fortunate can leave us realizing how much we truly do have. Giving to the needy in any way that we can will inspire a change in perspective, ultimately leading to a new vision for our lives.

It’s amazing what taking the focus off ourselves can do. Choose to find ways to remember what you have. Make a list, or a gratitude journal where you specifically seek out things that you are grateful for. Always remember that someone else would love to have the very things that you complain about.

3. Your Environment Needs To Be Changed

A bad environment can have a bigger toll on our happiness than we realize. Taking a look at the people who make up our environment can be eye opening.

There is a saying that says in summary, “Show me your friends, I’ll show you your future.” The people we are around on a regular basis can affect our attitudes.

For instance, if we hang around those who are materially obsessed, we might start to think that we don’t have what we need to be happy. Make sure that the people who make up your circle are honorable, moral people who bring you up instead of down. Consider what your living conditions are.

You don’t have to have a mansion to be happy, but making small changes in your home can boost your mood. Having a bright, clean living space with plenty of sunlight gives a happy feel to even the smallest place.

Evaluate your media choices. The old saying goes “Garbage in, garbage out.”

Your mind is easily influenced by the books you read, the movies you see, and the music you listen to. If you are constantly being fed dark, depressing things, sooner or later your life will feel as such. Guarding your environment is a big step to ensuring your personal happiness.

At times, happiness can seem hard or nearly impossible to attain. While it is definitely a fight to go against the superficial standard of happiness, it can be done.

Consider the reasons listed above and evaluate your life to see if they might not have anything to do with why you aren’t as happy as you could be. Making the changes needed may be an adjustment, but in the end your life will be happier and much more fulfilled as a result.

Keep your happiness as key center of your life, always asking yourself if something is best for you. Remember that things that don’t affect other people might affect you, and that is okay. Everyone is unique and their journey to happiness is just as special.

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