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12 Happiness Myths – Debunked



Everyone is in search for happiness. Because of this, many theories on how to be happy can be found in books, articles, advertisements and even in TV commercials.

We all have common concepts on how to achieve happiness.  But did you know that many of them are myths and some are even lies that just seem to be so believable. Here are the 12 myths – debunked.

1. Being Happy is Hereditary

Some scientists have concluded that happiness can be hereditary. They have observed families with a tendency to be more peace loving and joyful than others. But this observation only shows possible attitudes that are passed on through genetics.

But it doesn’t mean that everyone in that family is happy. It also doesn’t mean that if you’re not from that gene pool, then you cannot be happy. Whether you come from a cheerful family or a family of hot heads, you can be happy if you go through life the right way.

2. Happy People Are Dumb

One study shows that smarter people are more prone to stress, anxiety and even insomnia because they have a hard time shutting down their thoughts. Because of this notion, somehow it has been thought that stupid people or those who are not so smart find it easier to be happy.

Although most of the time the saying “ignorance is bliss” applies, we cannot generalize that  all unhappy people are smart. And all happy people are dumb or naïve.

3. There is a Mindset to Happiness

Some people think that happiness is simply a mind set. But the truth is, happiness is not something you make your mind believe is real even if you are unhappy.  

It is a feeling that realy happens when you find the things that actually bring you to that state. You cannot just hypnotize yourself to happiness. You have to find what makes you happy to be happy.

4. Career Success Brings Happiness

Most people think that career success equals happiness. But the truth is not all people who have a successful career are happy. And not all people with an unsuccessful career are unhappy. Some find joy in the simplest things and in the least likely places.

5. Reaching Goals Will Make You Happy

Many people say that “if I reach my goal then I’ll be happy.”. Some actually reach what they aim for and realize that it has not made them any happier.

Getting to your goal may even make you realize the things that you have neglected and the things that you have sacrificed just to reach them. This kind of realization can actually bring you regret and sadness instead. The journey to getting to your goal can bring happiness too if you allow it.

6. Your Happiness Comes From the External

The things that happen around us  can make us happy or sad. But happiness does not rely on external circumstances alone. Happiness comes from within and how you allow the circumstances around you to affect you.

7. You Can’t Buy Happiness

Many say money can’t buy you happiness.  But we have to accept and to understand that money plays a big role in our lives. It gives us a sense of self respect and joy to be able to earn for ourselves.

It makes us happy when we can afford to provide for the people we love. It feels really good whenever you get the chance to donate money and help a worthy cause. So in a way, money can bring happiness too.

8. Happiness does Not Affect How You Do Things

Some people think that being happy has nothing to do with a  person’s performance in doing their required tasks. But inspiration and good ideas are more likely to come to people who are happy.

It is also a pleasure working with people who have a cheerful disposition. Happy people make difficult work more tolerable so you can say happiness is a big factor on how you perform your tasks.

9. Negative Friends Will Make You Unhappy

Friends have a big impact on our mood each day. To be happy some people may advice you to stay away from negative people and instead surround yourself with positive people. But we all know that this is easier said than done.

We cannot just delete negative people from our lives. What we can change, to be happy, is how we deal with these negative people, so they will not affect us so much.

10. Stress Makes You Unhappy

Many blame stress for their unhappiness. But the truth is, stress is a result of unhappiness.

The fact that you are stressed out tells you that something is wrong in your life and is making you unhappy. So instead of blaming stress for everything, use it as a gauge to find out what is causing your sadness.

11. Exercise Only Gives you Temporary Happiness

Scientists have said that exercise can help you release happy hormones from the brain. Most people would think that this effect is only temporary. But if you exercise regularly you are able to maintain a healthy body and mind. Being healthy physically and mentally will make you feel good and will always put you in a good mood.

12. Never be negative to be happy

Some people think that the way to be happy is to never be negative. But being a normal person, it bu natural  for us to feel some negative feelings once in a while.

Avoiding anger, sadness, worry and jealousy will not make these feelings go away. Instead you will be bottling them up until the day you can no longer hold them back. Instead of holding these emotions back recognize them and find a way to release these emotions.

Find someone to talk to or give it a good cry. Acknowledging that you are aware of these emotions puts you in control.

Out of all the quotations and sayings I have heard about happiness, only one is what I truly believe. “Happiness is a choice.”  

No matter how bad things are, you just have to look closer and realize that there is always something left for you to smile about and be thankful for.

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