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11 Things Science Shows Will Make You Happier Everyday



Have you ever thought of things science shows that will make you happier every day? Feeling really low after a day’s work? You can surely let this list guide you towards a happier and healthier life each day. These things are not just crafted attraction lists but are backed by scientific research.

Move and exercise more (best when outside)

When you are moving, staying active, sweating it out, and enjoying a favorite exercise, sport, or any physical activity, you are away from any worry, and you are in the moment all the time.

There is happiness in moving and exercising each day, it helps your body produce happy hormones and it keeps you fit. Try observing the tremendous change that can happen in you within some days. When you are active and fit, there is an inner glow of vitality that exudes.

Eat and drink natural

What you eat can make a difference in your degree of joy every day. A recent documentary “Fed Up” reveals the harmful effects of sugar in our body and mind.

If you’ve been thinking that sweets can energize you, don’t blame anyone when you feel some kind of energy crash every afternoon.

These chemicals in our food are totally not good for us. Instead of binging on sweets and other junk food, it is most encouraged to take in fresh fruits and vegetables.

Note that green tea is better than instant coffee to keep an energetic mood.

Keep your relationship with family and friends close

The best moments are often shared. When you feel close to your friends and family, you also feel enough affection, optimism, and love.

Talking and doing things together makes the bond tighter and it makes you healthier. When with them you enjoy every bit of time together and it keeps you going, it keeps you inspired.

Invest some time outside

Ever asked yourself how many hours you sped each day just in front of your computer or your TV set? Indoors can be comforting but the great adventure, the great therapy that only nature can provide is outside that door.

In Japan, there is an activity they call “forest bathing” – this means they walk through the woods.

They have felt the wonderful positive benefits of this activity in their mind and body. It has this special kind of rejuvenation.

Show that empathy

Feeling blue and down? Share something to someone in need. Go out and share that light of empathy and generosity.

Scientific studies show that we become happier when we help others. As we make other happy, the joy radiates and it fills our hearts with pure joy.

When you know someone who is going through some difficulty, reach out and it would mean a lot to others who are helpless against bigger problems.

Condition your lips, smile

Some groups of people gather together to laugh out loud. They believe that this way can ease mood and really make you happy eventually.

If laughing is too much to start with, begin to smile. Yes, condition yourself to smiling. Smile alone, smile though your heart is aching.

As you stretch your lips and let go of that smile, you are also releasing happier energies. Then, it shall become more natural. Smile at others. Smile even at strangers.

When you make smiling a habit, it will be tough for you to smile at various things and situations.

Take trips (even when it means not going too far)

Travel is a way to reconnect with our natural instinct – uncertain, intuitive, wild, and free.

Considering the means to reach places and the cost ding it, you may not be able to pursue travel.

On the other hand, this question must be addressed to: “do you really have to go that far?” No.

There are a lot of stories showing people who just take long walks or bike around to feel mobility, to detach a bit from their current worries and pains.

Taking a trip is a great way to flush out negativity, to be reminded that it is and will always be best to follow your inner sun.

Meditate, breathe deeper

No matter how crazy the day is, find time for mindfulness by meditating. Meditation has countless of benefits proven throughout time and history.

It is the oldest practice to achieve clarity and relaxation. When things seem heavy or sad, take a break, whisper affirmations and clear your mind from all the daily blockades.

According to those who practice it, meditating has helped them ease anxiety and paved the way towards happiness.

Carry gratefulness always

Gratitude beats sadness. Be grateful for what you have instead of dwelling on the things that you don’t have in your life now.

A great way to make gratitude a part of your life is by waking up to this feeling of saying thank you to what you have in your life.

Ponder on the blessings that you have, recall the best memories you have made alone or with others. This will naturally make you happier every day.

Take that step towards wisdom

As you experience life each day and you open yourself to wisdom, all these petty things that irritate you will sooner be nothing anymore.

Wisdom allows you to look at and into life with deeper vision and understanding.

As others dwell on negative feelings caused by immaturity and ego, your wisdom will enable you to respect differences and be happy for who you are and not because of what others expect from you.

Appreciate even the littlest of things around you

Wake up each day with appreciative eyes. Give time to appreciate your own self each day. Keep silent and imagine the beautiful day ahead.

Be still and remind yourself for the gift of life today. When you have appreciation within you, it will also flow through the things you experience everyday – no matter how small they are in your naked eyes.

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