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10 Signs Your Life Is On the Right Track



What is that singular moment when you begin to feel as though your life is on the right track? As we go through life and develop there are many changes and hardships.

Sometimes we need a reset period, to regroup and put our lives back together in the way that we would like to live it. So how do you know when all your hard work is not in vain and you are on the right path to where you want to be?

It’s different for everyone. One day you wake up with less doubt and an abundance of hope, or the sign you’ve been asking for has fallen into your lap.

Well if you’re reading this from your laptop, that’s on your lap, here are ten signs that the stars are aligning and that you are steering your life on the right course.

You’re Not Making the Same Mistakes:

One of the main reasons we cannot move forward in life is because we hold tight to bad habits. There are also people in our lives that are only meant to visit for a season, and we have let them move in indefinitely.

The first step to progressing in life is learning that bad habits or toxic people are not necessary or deserving of being in your life. Mistakes should not be regrets that we force ourselves to suffer again and again. They are life lessons that only need to be taught once.

Knowing Better and Doing Better:

‘If you knew better, you’d do better’. Not everyone is aware that what they’re doing is counterproductive. However, there are those who are fully cognizant that the people they interact with and the choices they make are not beneficial or progressive.

We build a comfort zone centered around what is stagnant and mediocre because it’s easy. A big step in improving your life is separating yourself from what is negative and familiar, and making the effort to make rational, articulate, and healthy choices.

You’re No Longer Complacent:

You have found your zest for life. You do not dread the next day, but look forward to it. Experiencing pain or setbacks can be a heavy blow to our pride and enthusiasm. It’s an obstacle that may take time to move from your path, but don’t let it stop you entirely. You should strive to enact change not only in yourself but those around you.

Change in Perspective:

What can halt growth and prosperity is a lack of vision. In order to begin to change, you have to have the will to change and speak it into existence.

That grey scale tunnel vision has broadened and you see life and opportunities with a vibrant and open minded point of view.

Your Circle of Friends Are Positive Reflections of You:

There are individuals we call friends who negate our progression because of their own inner turmoil.

If you have come into the mental space where you are making healthy choices, being responsible, and being productive, your circle of friends and colleagues should reflect that.

It should be a group of individuals who are motivating, honest, and who aspire to achieve as well.

You Look Forward to What’s Next:

When we are in a downward spiral, the mere action of conjuring the thought of what is to come can be daunting. If you are slowly making headway in the right direction, the future will not seem as intimidating.

This is because you will be prepared and you will be confident.

You Can Find A Reason to Smile:

We find out what truly shines light in our lives when we can find a shred of happiness in our darkest moments.

Whether it was a rejection, a loss of a loved one, or a failed attempt, you should be able to find the silver lining. Never let setbacks blacken your heart or snuff out what brings you joy.

So at your lowest of lows, smile, and you will find a reason to continue smiling that will help you keep going.

You Are Appreciative of the Good and Bad:

We know that life will throw us curve balls. Whether or not you hit a home run or strike out, appreciate the fact that you tried.

Bad days are reminders that we need to cherish the good ones. Good days give us something to hold on to as we fight on through the bad ones.

A ‘No’ Is Not A Defeat:

Many times we are so tainted by a rejection that we are blind to the opportunities that may come from it.

One closed door means that there are several others waiting to open up to you with something or someone bigger and better behind them.

A rejection or no does not disrupt your goals. It may derail them, or obscure the path, but it does not mean that is the end.

You Are Proud of Yourself:

When everything isn’t going exactly your way it can affect your confidence and self-esteem. No matter what has gone awry, you should never lose hold of your self-worth.

Be proud of where you have come from and what you have done, and be humbled as you continue on. You are on your way, have pride in the fact that you have not given up.

You are drifting:

Going day to day in a grey scale repetitive routine. You are at the bottom, or the middle, certainly not the top. You go about your day striving and working steadfast to reach the top.

There are days when you are melancholy, discouraged, overwhelmed, and feeling left behind. One day, something changes.

A decision you made, a person you met, or even one you decided to let go of. The weight on your shoulders feels slightly lightened. On a cloudy day, you find sunshine.

There is a pep in your step. You are emboldened, positive, and optimistic.

Your days don’t seem as long, and feel much more meaningful. You are no longer playing catch up.

Your life is balancing out, and you will be just fine.


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