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10 Important Things That Help You Accomplish More At Work



Do you struggle to accomplish more at work? At one point or another, everybody experiences the struggle of accomplishing something.

Here are 10 things that will help you accomplish more at work.

1. Remember Your Goal

If you want to learn how to be productive at work, you must stay focused. Almost everybody who gets hired wants to impress their boss and eventually get promoted.

Keeping your goals in mind always will help you boost your work morale. Remember you are different when you have a goal. This alone will help you accomplish more at work.

2. Schedule Time

Make sure you schedule time to return phone calls and answer e-mails. You can check your emails twice a day (in the morning and in the afternoon), unless your job requires you to constantly check incoming emails.

Plan the time to meet with co-workers or clients. If you’re working from home, schedule some time with your family. Let them understand when that is and make them stick to it. Let everybody know what you are doing. This way, they will respect your time.

3. Chuck out time wasters

Facebook and twitter are one of the top time wasters. Avoid using Facebook, twitter and other social networking sites during your work time. A single tweet can derail your entire schedule. So, stick to the rule of no social networking, unless it is part of your job. Don’t log in to social media websites while still at the office.

Be strict regarding this and set boundaries to only socialise once you are done for the day.

4. Avoid Interruptions

This may sound like putting yourself in a room that is sound proof, locking the door and throwing away the key. Life is full of interruptions and distractions.

Create a strategy to deal with them. Turn off your phone and any ding that notifies you of new e-mail. Close the door and post a sign that says “Working – Please Come Later.” Or make it a rule to open the door when you have time, and then let everybody know of the new policy.

5. Plan Breaks

Everybody needs a break, and having to schedule is the ideal way to make them happen. One can schedule a break simply as a reward for completing something or after every hour.

Most experts recommend a 10-15 minute break after every hour. Get up and take some deep breaths, stretch, and drink some water. You will be re-energised and ready to handle the next task.

6. Stick to Your Plan

Once you come up with a plan for accomplishing what you intend, stick to it. Don’t let other people’s opinion change you. Spontaneity is vital, but don’t let it detract you from your plan.

7. Give Yourself a Deadline

If you seriously want to be productive at work, you have to set deadlines. This is not about the deadline that your employer gave you, but rather the deadline that you set.

By having a deadline, you become aware of your choice to do your tasks proficiently. Certainly, the output ought not to be sacrificed. Reward yourself for a job well done and learn from the times that you missed your deadline.

By doing this, you will be paving your way to your success. In addition, by being able to accomplish more at work, you will not only develop your professional skills, but also prepare yourself to taking on bigger roles in future.

8. Attention

When you keep focusing on the negative, you will certainly find more problems to solve. The use of your attention is counterproductive and effective to your work.

Focus your attention on the positive strong point of your work. One way of doing this is to give yourself 15 minutes of positive thoughts every morning. Peruse your list of tasks or calendar and spend 15 minutes visualising the positive outcomes. Focusing on the positives of your work sets your attention scope on the direction of success.

9. Know your Intention

What is it about your work that enthusiastically engages you? Why are you in this job instead of another one? Your job’s strong points are your top attention. Let this be your drive to accomplishing more at work.

10. Your Approach Is the Best for You

Keep appreciating your plan, admit that it’s not right for everybody else, and allow yourself to keep it at your style. Let the others understand what you are doing and why, to make them respect your time. They might even start a plan themselves!

For anyone to accomplish more at work, and for anyone to reach the highest level they want to reach, it is important to take effective and productive steps every day.

Perseverance and determination also play an important part of the success achievement.

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