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10 Common Mistakes That Prevent You From Being Happy and Healthy Today



It is interesting how happiness and health go hand in hand. When you think happy, it seems that your body is also experiencing this full vitality that you don’t get when you are at your low moments.

These days, it can be so easy to make mistakes and drown into the ocean of bad habits, bad thoughts. It is necessary for you to identify these so you can go carve a better lifestyle.

Here are some common mistakes that prevent you from being happy and healthy today, backed by Science:

Killing your creativity

So you try to eradicate the poet or the artist in you because there’s no money in it. Don’t. Cultivating your creativity helps you cope with stress and it can tremendously aid a stronger immune system. Here are two studies that can show you why:

This study from Harvard School of Public Health revealed that art helps to reduce stress and anxiety, increase positive emotions, and reduce the likelihood of depression, along with many other benefits.
Here, creative writing helps boost the immune system of HIV patients.

Being so in-love with your couch

Sitting all day is becoming part of the daily life of many. Modern families seems to find recreation in watching TV or staring at the computer screen.

Studies have shown that too much recreational sitting leads to cardiovascular diseases. Read more about the troubles sitting all-day can cause you via this research.

Cutting intimate ties

In a world slowly filled by walls, do you also get attracted to the idea of being alone? Human beings are wired as social creatures. We do need others in order to make the most out of our daily living and enjoyment.

In this specific study, people who have strong social ties are believed to live healthier and longer lives.

In addition it has been researched that those who are in happy long-term relationships enjoy a sunnier, more vital life. Today is the perfect time to re-assess your relationships.

Spending time outdoors

Being indoors for the most hours of the day may lead to too much sitting, overeating, and other outcomes of boredom.

To explore your surroundings and spend some time outdoors will save you from that low feeling of inactivity and the harmful effects of artificial lighting.

Once, a great philosopher said, “follow the sun!”

Indeed, enough sunshine will energize you and inspire you. There are so many healthful benefits of being adventure happy.

Here they are:

Weight loss
Self-esteem development

Getting stuck in a job you hate

For “security” reasons, it can’t be denied that most of us hold on to jobs that we don’t like (or we honestly hate).

Did you know that in Japan the term “karoshi” means death by overwork? If our ancestors are still here with us today, they’d laugh out loud.

Coronary diseases is the sad result if you continue to squeeze out enthusiasm from your dry self.

Eating solo all the time

So the usual scenario is you, eating alone in fast food restaurant. Research shows that most often, people who eat alone oftentimes eat mindlessly.

Brian Wansink has written a book that clearly explains the bad effects of eating solo all the time. One of the points he comprehensively shares is the tendency to binge eat.

Why not eat with others? Why not cook with others? Why not enjoy your food slowly as nourisher of your mind, body, and spirit?

Forgetting time to just breathe

Meditation has been proven to be a great prevention and remedy for depression and low immunity. When you are too busy and pressured, you forget to breathe really well.

It’s as if you live by tension. Do start a better habit of taking some time off and just breathe – in and out. Let the tension of your daily tasks escape your lung, your heart, your mind.

Have you ever thought of spending 15 minutes to just breathe?

This 15-minute break will definitely help you strengthen your resistance and boost your enthusiasm to think clearer, feel more positive, and live healthier – physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Not being part of a community

Solitude is beautiful and healthy. On the other hand, if you create your own walls and stop yourself from belonging to a community or connecting with the community spirit, you have to think about this again.

Being a part of a community is also establishing a wonderful support system. Well, perhaps, other people can be pure introverts and are often stressed out when dealing with other people all the time.

Balance is the key for this. Have you ever felt that special kind of fulfillment when you help someone out? A great sense of community spirit truly helps you reach out to others. In return, they also get closer to you and build a new bond.

Consuming as much as you can

Sedentary lives draw us closer to extreme consumption instead of contribution. What have you contributed or created so far?

Have you observed how the world spin these days? It is based on consuming and not on truly creating and contributing. You are a powerful creature and you can make a difference.

You can create and contribute to greater goodness. You can just look inside you and find solutions to current pressing issues around – it doesn’t have to be big issues. Start small and make a difference.

Feeling unworthy of love and wellness

Maybe, sometimes, you don’t feel that you are fully worthy of love and wellness. This is the very reason why you don’t find it valuable to invest on your own health and happiness.

It is very important that you feel your worth as a beautiful being who can do wonders. When you wake up each morning, remind yourself of how deserving you are to savor the best.

Brene Brown who has spent so many years researching about vulnerability shares,
“There was only one variable that separated the people who have a strong sense of love and belonging and the people who struggle for it.

And that was that people who have a strong sense of love and belonging believe they’re worthy of love and belonging.
That’s it. They believe they’re worthy.

The one thing that keeps us out of connection is the fear that we’re not worthy of connection.”

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